An introduction and why you should blog

I wanted to introduce myself and to thank Anali and the members of the group for the warm welcome. My name is Jeff Scott and I am the Library Manager for the City of Casa Grande Public Library . I blog over at Gather No Dust, a blog about my experiences running a public library.

I have been blogging for about a year and a half now and it has been a very rewarding experience. I think I have contributed to the library “grey” literature in this way. I feel like my thoughts are much more focused and that I can act and implement my ideas more quickly and effeciently. I started blogging because management is a mystery to many librarians. I wanted to bring my experiences and share my story so that more people can understand how a library is run and how management can work.

Some of the items I plan to talk about here are:

Work productivity (Sort of like a lifehacker for library and librarians, see my first post about using delicious)

Practical uses of technology (How to use technology tools to improve services and market the library)

Usability of libraries (I like to experiment with the different ways my library works and could work. I will write some of those items here.)

I think many librarians should be blogging. I know it is difficult to find the time with the workload of librarianship, but so many people could benefit from your experience. I started blogging because I found myself responding to PubLib so much. I began to think, that there should be a place online that talks about this or about what I am doing. So many people can benefit from blogs just as they would from conference programs or library journal articles. That is why I like the MCLC Techtalk blog so much, it treats the posts as if you presenting a program.

Some of my blogging tips:

You should read and comment more than you write.

This helps with maintenance issues on your blog. The more you read, the more content there is to write about. Furthermore, commenting on other blogs helps the discussion and will lead more people back to your blog.

You should not read just library stuff

Read funny stuff, stuff that you are interested in, not just libraries. It helps for a more well-rounded experience.

Comment on blogs

This is the easiest thing to do even if you don’t blog. A comment can be as powerful to convey a message as a post itself. So if you are reading something and don’t agree, say so!

Don’t be a slave to your blog

Update when you want to and post about whatever you want. If you get too concerned about content, you will find your blog to be a chore. Right about whatever is on your mind whenever you want! Afterall, it is your blog. Furthermore, you don’t have to update your blog regularly! That’s right, most people read blogs through an RSS aggregator. That means people just read updated blogs. They won’t notice if you don’t update. Most people don’t unsubscribe from a blog that hasn’t been updated, they usually unsubscribe because there are too many posts or that the posts are too long (or just doesn’t interest them). So go ahead, state your opinion, document your experience, help the library world with your creative ideas and opinions. We will all be better off for it.


~ by Jeff Scott on December 3, 2007.

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  1. I have to second Jeff’s suggestion to read and comment on blogs. One of the best things about a blog is having a conversation with your readers – I actually found out about Jeff’s blog because he commented on a post I had made on my blog – and it was pretty exciting to discover that he was also from Arizona!

  2. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  3. Well, at least you found it interesting. That is always the fun of blogging, you always get to hear different opinions, even in comments. 🙂

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