How to share your reference brilliance without any extra work using bookmarks,, and firefox

Every reference librarian has been there. They find this great site for a patron, bookmark it, and it is there waiting for them when they return. This works great for that librarian, however, other librarians may not be aware of this fantastic link and the information isn’t shared. Sure, you can save the link and place it in a wiki or on the library’s website, but that takes a long time. If you have several links and haven’t updated in a while, it can be a real pain to keep up. However, there is a solution! You can use several different techniques and programs to share the information gathered. You can use this same technique to transfer your bookmarks to another computer.

The simple procedure: Exporting bookmarks from Internet Explorer

There is a separate support page available here that explains how to import and export bookmarks in Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer 6
To export the Favorites folder, follow these steps:
1. Start Internet Explorer
2. On the File menu, click Import and Export, and then click Next.
3. Click Export Favorites and then click Next.
4. Click Favorites and then click Next.
5. Type the name of the file that you want to export the favorites to. By default, the export file is named Bookmark.htm.
6. Click Next and then click Finish.

You will then have an html document of your bookmarks named bookmarks.htm. It should be available when you go to My Documents. You now have a full list of your bookmarks categorized by the folder you created. You have several things you can now do with your bookmarks:

1. Import them into another browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox
2. Put them into a webpage
3. Import them into delicious

To import bookmarks:
1. Go to File and click on Import and Export and click next
2. Select Import
3. It should profile the directory of what you would like to import. You can also browse to find the file
4. Click import, and the files should appear

Put them in a webpage
If you go to View and then click on source data, it provides the html code for the webpage. You can paste this code into any webpage. If you have a simple editor (like a What You See is What You Get or WYSWYG editor) you only need to copy and paste this page in.

Put them in delicious
You can also import this link list into a account for everyone to see. This way, you don’t need to copy and paste code for a webpage, you just import into delicious. Delicious is a social bookmarking site. Social bookmarking means that you can share the bookmark with multiple people. If you don’t have a delicious account, one is freely available by going to the website and clicking on get started. You can enter your information and once finished, click on import and it will import that same bookmarks.htm file into your delicious account. Voila! you now have all of your links online, categorized in your way, available for everyone to see, and now you can update it whenever you have a new bookmark. You can drag a button called Post to Delicious into your Internet Explorer browser. By clicking on this button, the webpage you are at is sent to your delicious account instead of into your local browser. For a list of libraries that use delicious, click here.

This also generates an RSS feed. This feed can send the link out to different locations on your webpage, to other users, or anyone who subscribes. I won’t got into detail abour RSS feeds in this post as it is a minor piece to this procedure. It is also covered in detail here: If you would like more information, you can watch this brief video

Okay now you want to get fancy
This next part requires a firefox download. Ask your administrator to download firefox on your computer or to allow it to be run from a flash drive. You can get a flash drive and download portable apps Firefox edition. Once installed, you can download a plug-in called delicious plug-in. Once you have this part installed you can click on a button in your browser and you can stay on the same page you are on when you bookmark. It also simultaneously keeps the bookmark in your browser. A pop-up window comes up with the url and title, plus an option to add notes and tags. With a portable app like this, you can carry all of your bookmarks around wherever you go. At a conference? Plug in your flash drive and have all of your bookmarks at the ready. It can be a lifesaver.


~ by Jeff Scott on December 1, 2007.

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  2. I don’t know if those buttons only worked for Firefox when this post was written, but I do know that delicious now offers buttons for IE, Safari, and Opera. You can get them here:

  3. Jessica,

    Thanks for the information. I know it works with Internet Explorer. You can get the button from the link in the post and then move into your link list. Then show that link list in your toolbar by going to view/toolbar/links and activating it. Then just move the button over and the delicious link is a click away. I like using it in firefox because it doesn’t take me away from the screen that I am on. It is also easier to write notes when I have the screen and I saving in front of me. Thanks for the link.

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