Great Session Today!

Thanks to Stephanie Cleland and Kathi Kauffman from Peoria Public Library, and Rick Glady from Scottsdale Public for presenting a wonderful Tech Talk program today. I believe the full PowerPoint presentation will be available here soon. Rick also deserves our kudos for the excellent treats, and Stephanie deserves thanks for making and lugging the coffee from Peoria. The Best of Web 2.0 was a fascinating tour of what’s out there and I think everyone there learned a lot.

Info about upcoming meetings:

1. December’s meeting is cancelled due to it falling on the holiday

2. More topic ideas were brought up for upcoming meetings:

  • Basics of the most popular social networking sites: MySpace and Flickr–how do they really work? Why are the controversial? Should libraries use them?
  • Web Junction’s technology competencies survey
  • Downloadable media: Shari Durst offered to present this session – but not in October.

So that leaves us with no specific topic or speaker for October’s meeting. If anyone has a suggestion or would like to present even for half of that session, let me know. Perhaps we can have two speakers on different topics? That’s easier that presenting for the full two hours!

Any ideas?

Mary (from Phoenix Public)


~ by Mary (from Phoenix Public) on September 25, 2007.

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  1. Thank you, Mary, for the update. I also noticed that you can start tagging in WordPress now, as Mary has done in her post. What a great feature! To learn about tagging in WordPress, go to

  2. Whoops, I forgot to include that the suggestion for the next meeting covering basics about MySpace should also cover YouTube since it is in the news so much lately. Does these three topics sound like enough to form a meeting around:

    MySpace: How it works and why it’s controversial
    YouTube: What it is and a look at how libraries have used it
    Flickr: Post a photo and make a connection with your patron

    If anyone is comfortable presenting about any of these three topics that might be an easy and popular meeting. Just let me know, thanks! Mary

  3. Thanks Stephanie, Rick, and Mary! I really missed going to the meeting this time…hopefully, I won’t have to miss any more!

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