September Presentation – Web 2.0 Favorites

Hello all,

The topic for the September meeting is “Favorites of Library/Web 2.0”. I’d like everyone to try and contribute a couple of links that they think are the best of what 2.0 has to offer. Also, if you’re willing it would be great if people would talk a little bit about why they think their submitted site(s) is so great. Or not. I can certainly go over that information during the presentation myself. I thought it might be nice to have more of a discussion feel to the meeting since everyone will be contributing information. I’m hoping that this will help us all sift through the massive amount of sites and services and find the true gems hidden away out there.

If you’re interested in contributing submit 1-2 URLs of websites or online technology tools that you consider a favorite of the 2.0 internet. Please try and include why it’s one of your favorites.

I’ll need URLs by Tuesday, September 18th to make sure everything is collected and prepared for the September 25th meeting. 

Three ways to submit URLs: 
MCLC Tech Talk Blog: Tag: MCLC2.0Favs or username: stvslayer



~ by Steph on August 28, 2007.

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  1. One of my favorites Web 2.0 sites is NetworthIQ and, of course, there are also LibraryThing and Second Life.

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