Thoughts on Library 2.0

Meredith at Information Wants to be Free has a great post about never losing sight of our libraries’ purpose – serving our patrons to the best of our ability – even in the face of cool new gadgets and technological innovations.

“No, these social technologies are not always the most important things to be focusing on at your library. In fact, you really shouldn’t be focusing on tools at all, but on what your patrons’ needs are and what you most need/want to accomplish in your work.”

It’s a great point, and something we all should keep in mind – yeah, I enjoy gaming, social networking, etc., but is it really going to help the patrons I serve?  And that’s the point of our Tech Talk meetings – we can talk about things that we’re doing that help keep our patrons involved and interested, or provide better service (like PPL’s new catalog!).  Maybe some of these things are useful to other libraries, and maybe not.  But it’s always fun to learn!


~ by Anali on August 24, 2007.