Your suggestions welcome: Innovative Online Catalogs presentation

Just an FYI that I am preparing a presentation for the Tech Talk group on “Innovative Online Catalogs” for our meeting on Tuesday, 8/28. Kim Nalette, one of Phoenix Public Library’s Web Designers, will be presenting with me — she will cover the open source movement and how it is changing options for libraries, and I will be covering searching and usability innovations. Of course I’ll cover Endeca, PPL’s web catalog, but if you have a favorite catalog feature in another library’s website that you really like, please let me know and I’ll include it. You are all welcome to attend, of course!

So far I’ve found libraries that have: lots of blogs (but only the best libraries are able to support them and keep them fresh), a live feed displaying recently returned items, virtual reference questions and answers ready to go, a way to buy books through the OPAC, interesting visual searching displays (like AquaBrowser), user tagging, reviews and ratings, ways to add handwritten marginalia to a simulated old fashioned card catalog cards, ways to submit a historic photo to a library-sponsored “City photo-album archive”, ways to reserve meeting rooms online, proposed 3rd party mashups include Library ELF and LibraryThing, new interfaces that aren’t from the big ILS vendors (Evergreen), and my favorite innovation, dubbed the “Slow Library” Movement, obsessed with using technology to build community instead of adding technology to our websites just to keep up with the other libraries of the world. How cool is that?

So shoot me your ideas and I’ll tuck them in. I’ll include links to all these sites when I finish my presentation on the 28th.Thanks!

P.S. Thanks to Anali and Roseline for carrying this blog while I’ve been away on vacation, and thanks for the cool link to the Andrew Pace webcast. That will help me get up to speed on their implementation.


~ by Mary (from Phoenix Public) on August 18, 2007.