Andrew Pace on Endeca

Wow, this month has been going by so fast!  All the Tech Talk bloggers must be really busy – it’s been pretty dead here all month.

You might remember that Roseline and I are taking a Virtual Librarianship course in Second Life.  I posted some thoughts about it over at my blog, so if you’re interested, take a look.

Secondly, in preparation for Mary’s presentation at our next meeting on innovative (not Innovative) OPACS, here’s a webcast of Andrew Pace, Head of Information Technology at NCSU, talking about North Carolina State University’s faceted catalog using Endeca.  The ‘cast is 63 minutes long, but well worth the time investment.  I discovered this through Resource Shelf, and the post has much more information about Endeca and other faceted catalogs.

At Arizona State University Libraries, we’re rolling out a new web design for our libraries’ webpages.   This design will (hopefully) go live on August 17th.  Take a look at the draft, and let us know what you think!   I’m sure anything will be an improvement of our current design (though, of course, after the 17th, this link will be the new design).

Hope the rest of you are having a productive summer!


~ by Anali on August 15, 2007.