Update on AZLA presentation on Innovative Online Catalogs

Just wanted to update you on some bad news: the proposed Innovative Online Catalogs program (including Endeca, AquaBrowser and social OPACs) that I wanted to present at AZLA this fall won’t happen after all. I’m sorry to say when I submitted my proposal it wasn’t received properly and they didn’t know about it until I checked on it last week. By then their scheduing process was over. My bad for not following up sooner.

However the good news is that we have many wonderful presentations including ones by the folks on this blog about using new technologies to reach our communties. Thanks to all those who have agreed to present sessions or be on a panel to help us all learn together.

If there is still interest in the Innovative Online Catalogs program i could certainly present it at a future Tech Talk meeting, so let me know if that would be interesting.


~ by Mary (from Phoenix Public) on June 21, 2007.

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  1. That’s too bad, Mary. I have to confess that the AZLA program submission form was a bit challenging for me also — I resubmitted mine online a couple of times. Please do plan a presentation at a Tech Talk meeting. It is a topic folks are interested in.

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