Holding down the fort

I don’t know about your libraries, but this place is emptying out already with librarians heading off to ALA.  I’m not going, so I’ll just be tooling around the office doing what I normally do…

…Which apparently is finding cool stuff to blog about here!

If you’re not going to ALA, but don’t want to feel left out, make sure you visit the BIGWIG Social Software Showcase wiki.

The Social Software Showcase is an online unconference occuring around and during the time of ALA Annual 2007. On this wiki, you will find eleven wonderful presentations on cutting edge technology and social software by librarians and leaders in the field.” 

There are already some great presentations up.

Here’s a newly released report on Web 2.0 Content Learning and Teaching (pdf) that centers on universities in the U.K., but is still definitely worth a read.

Finally, here’s a presentation of how wikis work in plain english, produced by the same group that did RSS in Plain English, Common Craft:


~ by Anali on June 20, 2007.