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I just created a new page called “Podcast Basics” that includes links related to the podcast presentation this past Tuesday.

Thanks to everyone who came, I think we had a great session!

And thanks especially to Matt Harp and Fred McIlvain for their time and podcasting expertise!

Can’t wait until July’s session!


~ by Anali on May 25, 2007.

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  1. Hi Anali, I can’t see your link to your “podcast basics” page. Can you repost?

  2. Mary, it’s one of the tabs above the post itself. You can also find it in the “pages” widget below our meeting announcement.

  3. Thanks Roseline! That helps a lot. I wasn’t looking in the right place at all!

    Anali, this post is great. I’ve been wondering how you would summarize all the amazing info that we heard at the presentation but you did a great job! Thanks for taking the time to get it all in there Good job!

  4. Glad it helps! Please do ask any questions if we’ve left something out!

  5. Hi Anali, We have been asked in Phoenix what kind of equipment we need to buy (hardware and software) to create podcasts. Since you are doing podcasting, do you mind sharing with the group what would we need in terms of equipment. Also, let’s say that you would like to podcast a 30 minute presentation, how many labor hours (one person) would you estimate it would take to create a podcast out of this presentation?

    Thank you very much for your help.

  6. Hi Al,

    Has Anali replied to your question? You might want to e-mail her directly. Also the presenter of the Podcasting session was Matt Harp, ASU’s podcast guru. He might have a good idea on the time required to create a podcast file. However, as I learned in our last meeting, podcasting is like blogging — not only you have to create and upload the AV files, you also have to take the time to syndicate them. Matt Harp can be reached at matthew.harp@asu.edu (I am guessing here).

  7. Hi Al,

    I asked Matt about your question, and here is his response:
    “This is a hard question to ask. You can have them refer to the webpages I provided you and they can then base it on their own budget. Most questions are answered in those pages. As far as hours it takes well, that depends on how much they put into it. If they just convert the file to an mp3 and post it then its the amount of time to record, convert, and post based on their skill/knowledge, equipment, software, etc. They would need to run some tests and get their estimates that way. Another way to gage (I don’t know how true this is) is to take the length of your recording multiply it by 3 and you can get a rough estimate. Again, I don’t know how true that really is.”

    On the podcast basics page above, I corrected the link to the podcast gear suggestions pdf, so that may be a good place to start.

    Additionally, here’s a couple of links I found with some quick browsing:
    The Podcast Academy Blog has some gear suggestions.
    Podcasting page from the Library Sucess wiki.

    Hope this helps!

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