Survey link for anyone who is interested in the results

The TechTalk Survey results are now available at;

I believe that about 93 people have taken the survey and it’s brought in a lot of good ideas.


~ by Mary (from Phoenix Public) on April 26, 2007.

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  1. Here are my 2 cents after I studied the survey result and talked to colleagues both at PPL and AzLA —

    There was a Library 2.0 program last year presented by Tucson-Pima Public Library and a program on podcasting. Unless there are new and exciting applications of Library 2.0 by library in Arizona, I don’t see any reason to repeat them. So my question to you all is, “Does your library have something 2.0 to showcase in November at AzLA and if so, would you like to participate in a panel on what libraries are doing with Library 2.0?”

    I would like to propose some program from Tech Talk. Since Tech Talk is a professional networking group, it makes sense if we propose a program or programs related to professional networking, workplace solutions and technology training.

    Several respodents are interested in Second Life. I propose that we put together a 45-minute program on Second Life with a panel of librarians and their avatars. I will be taking the Second Life class from U of Illlinois and I think several of you are going to take it too.

    The Wiki presentation we just had will be perfect for the AzLA conference as well. It is a simple workplace solution that everyone can implement without too much controversy. What we did plus some how-to demonstration will be exactly what people are looking for.

    Another topic I would like to suggest is RSS, not only as a way to syndicate library content but also as a way for us to keep up with technology. We should be able to come up with a panel that includes public libraries, academic libraries and special libraries. As I understand, RSS actually is used a lot in the corporate world.

    Do you have a proposal in mind? Give us your thoughts or let us know if you would like to participate in any of the programs mentioned above.

    By the way, thanks to Mary for putting up this wonderful survey that got great responses in such a short time.

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