TechTalk survey yielding some good info about what AZLA should offer

Here are the results of the survey so far (this free service is limited to 100 responses and I just hope we get that many!). It’s a little messy but for free I can’t complain.

MCLC survey 4/24-4/25

1. Would you attend an AZLA Conference program highlighting any of these Library 2.0 topics:

Response Percent Response Total

Library 2.0: What does it mean for libraries?

56.3% 27

Social Networking: How does it work in Libraries?

77.1% 37

Blogs in Libraries

33.3% 16

Wikis in Libraries

39.6% 19

Podcasts in Libraries

35.4% 17

Flickr Photo Sharing in Libraries

22.9% 11

Tagging in Libraries

29.2% 14

Reader-Created Lists in Libraries

50% 24

Reader-Generated Ratings in Libraries

41.7% 20

2. Would you like to hear a panel discussion of area librarians showing what new technologies they are currently using?

Response Percent Response Total

Yes, a panel discussion would be great.

76.1% 35

No, a panel discussion wouldn’t give me enough information

26.1% 12

Are there other technology topics that you are hoping to see at AZLA that haven’t been covered here?

1. Not yet
2. Strategies for dealing with Admin uneasiness with Library 2.0
3. virtual reference
4. pod casting
5. Don’t know if I would make it to all listed above, but all are of interest.
6. facilitating change
7. Please make sure there is a technology program for those of us that are Luddites with no computers at home and unsure of all the new gizmos coming out every day.
8. Sorting out tech fads from innovations that have lasting value
9. Collection Digitization
10. Convincing your library that a blog and wiki can be within library policies and standards

Are there other technology topics that you are hoping to see at AZLA that haven’t been covered here?

11. I want to see what libraries in
Arizona are doing with Library 2.0
12. how to enable staff to be more efficient/fluent with technology and gadgets when they do not have those gadgets themselves to practice on.
13. models for efficient staff implemenation
14. I would like to see programs that cover the basic terminology, the basic concepts, and perhaps some programs that have successfully implemented these 2.0 topics
15. a ‘gadgets’ and how to work them session would be cool. many teen librarians are facing MP3s, Nintendo Wii, PS2, GameCube, texting, etc. and fear it greatly.
16. netflix

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~ by Mary (from Phoenix Public) on April 25, 2007.

7 Responses to “TechTalk survey yielding some good info about what AZLA should offer”

  1. Hey this is very cool. I think you need a “convincing administration track”.

  2. Jeff, Yes, I’m seeing that it is a persistent theme-how to convince your administration that these technologies aren’t frightening or threatening. I’m not sure we can address that in our presentation but it’s an interesting thought–a session just for “selling it to the boss”.

    I’m also seeing that there is an element of true beginners, novices and library staff who are afraid of new technologies, even some that don’t seem to have computers at home. But they still want to be up to date on how all this works. I can’t imagine being comfortable with this stuff without being able to play with it as home-like now.

    I do like the idea of a gadget session especially for the MP3, Nintendo WII, PS2, Game Cube and text messaging. That would be really hard to pull off though-where to get the gadgets without bringing our own from home…?

  3. I think that part of the reason why public library administrators are concerned about Library 2.0 are the legal and political issues surrounding posting patron comments on an “official” government website. Reflecting on this, I wonder if it would be good to sponsor a program on how other public libraries have dealt with any legal and political issues when implementing Library 2.0.

  4. There is a great discussion going on right now post-Computers in Libraries Conference. You can read the post and the many discussions here:

    This was the best one:

    and a few other places….

    I agree with Louis as well, some examples of successes at other libraries help push things along.

  5. I think you should emphasise on PODCASTING. It’s really a booming area. i tried few on my Mac, bekieve me it’s fun.

  6. Hi Zola, Great idea!c Do you mean podcasting library events and programs through our websites or hosting other organizations podcasts?

  7. I don’t think administration thinks new technologies are threatening or frightening. They just don’t have enough information to be convinced that they should invest staff time and budget resources in a particular technology. I would like to see more studies coming out on how social networking software increases library circulation (both in-house and electronic) and attendance of library programs. The statistics from AADL on visits to their web pages is encouraging but are there other data like it?

    Also a technology for one community may not be the best fit for another. How do you know? It’s one thing to have a blog; it’s another thing to use it to build a community. Have you calculated the cost of implementing a certain technology and ensuring its long-term success? Which sacred cows to sacrifice in order to make the shift?

    There are days when I am so glad that I don’t have to make these tough decisions at my job. However, I definitely want to learn as much as I can because, if I am to suggest a technology for Phoenix Public Library, my library director for sure will ask all the questions I just asked and I’d better have the answers.

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