Best from the Web Toolkit

I attended another College of DuPage webcast this morning called “The Best from the Web Toolkit,” and I thought I’d share a few links with you.

You should definitely check out the handout – besides having some nice sources, one of the presenters did a great step-by-step guide for signing up for a Bloglines account.  If you haven’t done that yet (and you know who you are), you’ve just lost one more excuse!

Today’s session had an additional componant – the presenters created a wiki to provide everyone with links, tips, and resources for everyone – and they did it AS a wiki to encourage everyone to add resources and comment on what is there!  Considering that wikis are our next topic, you should all go and browse around, maybe even add a link or two.  You’ll definitely see how easy wikis are to use, and here’s a great example of one in action!

I also just want to point out that you can subscribe to an RSS feed of updates to the wiki – so if you don’t want to keep checking in for new content, you can get updates right into your aggregator!


~ by Anali on April 13, 2007.