“Shift Happens”

It was in the news today that CitiGroup is eliminating or relocating 15,000 jobs from high-cost areas such New York, London and Hong Kong. They will expand their operations overseas, mostly in India. This will not happen without technology.

Then I watched this video “Shift Happens” for the second time. (Disclaimer: I didn’t verify the facts presented in this video and couldn’t locate the information about its author, so please watch it with a grain of salt.)

The video is somewhat frightening but, being an optimist and problem solver, I wonder what roles we will play as library professionals in this shift and how we can continue realizing our values, which never change no matter how much technologies have advanced, in this environment. How far ahead can we see into the future and plan our responses accordingly?

Watch this video and share your thoughts.

Thanks to Wendy Resnik, my classmate at the Phoenix Public Library’s Leadership Academy for finding and sharing this video.


~ by Roseline on April 11, 2007.

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  1. Wow, that video is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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