Social Computing for SIRLS

I’m looking forward to making a presentation to the Phoenix area SIRLS students Wednesday, 4/4/2007.  I’ve created a summary of social networking info for a handout. It has a description of some features of the Phoenix Public Library catalog as well as a list of examples of libraries using social networking.  I hope it has something interesting for you too.

Social Computing

SIRLS Phoenix group

Mary Mitchell

April 4, 2007 

1. Social Computing and Phoenix Public Library

  • PPL’s new catalog exposes the richness of the collection with Endeca

Endeca: a retail product with a strong retail look and feel

  • Powers websites for Barnes and Noble, Home Depot,
  • Guided navigation with a breadcrumb trail
  • BISAC headings
  • Endeca searching vs ILS searching
  • Web standard interface with a persistent Google-style search box
  • Web content management options
  • Calendar of events is searchable in the catalog
  • Web content is fresh, new and controllable by staff

3rd party content includes over 50,000 Amazon cover art and editorials, and popular lists from Rhapsody, NetFlix, Rotten Tomatoes, and Blockbuster.  My Account is now integrated into the library’s catalog with a way to save to unlimited Reader-created bookshelves. RSS of searches on favorite topics is available, as well as library card notices and calendar of event notices. WebFeat: Federated search engine that searches all the databases at once  Ironwood Teen blog  with teen-relevant topics like “Dance Themes” and “In what book would you like to be a character?” 

2. Social computing projects in the wind at PPL (projects we are actively working on now)

  • Staff picks
  • Reader-created public lists (
  • Tags (
  • YouTube video of events at the library

3. Ways to stay updated on social computing:  Local blog: with monthly local meetings on social computing and new technology topics

National blogs

4. Definition and examples Quick definition: Social computing’s main concept is a sharing of user-provided information. Also called participatory networking, social networking, Library 2.0 

Some examples of social computing: 

5. Other new technologies that aren’t exactly “Social Computing


~ by Mary (from Phoenix Public) on April 3, 2007.

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  1. Mary,

    Thanks for speaking at the SIRLS meeting. I found the information interesting and helpful. It’s always great to hear what other library systems are doing. I shared your handout with appreciative co-workers. I’m also using the blogging slide show for reference in another class project. I will be sure to check in for updates.

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