Some service thoughts

I was attending a presentation earlier this week and some things the presenter said led my imagination off onto some interesting tangents:

  • So much about reference services lately has been about Instant Messaging (IM), or chat reference. Does anyone do text reference – as in, people can send text messages from their phones to ask a reference question? My cell phone allows me to text to both phone numbers and email addresses, and I know many other cell phones have similar capability. And I know that texting is HUGE – my mother is even texting me.
  • We also talk about bringing the library to where the users are – some cutting edge examples are the RSS feeds of content, browser extensions and search boxes, etc. Has anyone heard of creating library widgets that can be added to personal home pages (like our favorite example, Netvibes, or MyYahoo)? How about customizable widgets?

What do you guys think? Have you heard of anything like these?


~ by Anali on March 8, 2007.

One Response to “Some service thoughts”

  1. I am big fan of texting too. My dentist’s office started sending text messages to remind me of my upcoming appointment. I was very excited about receiving text messages from the Library Elf when my holds arrived in the library.

    As for library widgets, I have asked our Webmaster to create a Netvibes widget for searching Phoenix Public Library’s catalog. Search modules in Netvibes using the keyword “library” and you will see several examples from the libraries offering this cool feature. I have added the module for search WorldCat to my Netvibes and love it!

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