Wanted: your ideas of technology training

Back in 1999, I was a distant learning librarian for a university whose students were scattered all over the world and it was not unusual that I would never meet them.  We applied all the advantages technologies, old and new, could offer to our teaching and learning — chat room, online bulletin board, NetMeeting, webpages and, of course, the phone; andWebCT and Blackboard, online course system, were just starting to appear on the market.  Even before the time of cell phones, wikis, blogs, webinars and VoIP, I was already a fan of online learning.  Therefore, when I saw “Five Weeks to a Social Library,” I knew I found a great resource (and immediately added it to our blogroll).  Here is a great introduction by Michelle Boule, one of the creators of this online course site, posted on ALA TechSource Blog.

This leads to my question: do you have any suggestions for the MCLC Continuing Education Committee as to what kind of technology CE programs, topics and speakers you would like to see?  They will be planning for workshops to be held in the next fiscal year very soon.  Post your ideas here!


~ by Roseline on February 24, 2007.

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  1. Five Weeks to a Social Library is wonderful. I’m very tempted to pull an all-nighter and get through all five weeks!

  2. For training, how to podcast. Get some experts. See front page of today’s paper (I cut it out) for story on Grammar Girl, very successful podcasts done by a local writer (who has now given up her day job to do this fulltime.

  3. I tune with the nice discussion yesterday I found this movie that explains what is RSS. I think it is very good and explains RSS in a way that anyone can understand.


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