To tag or not to tag?

LibraryThing posted an article on when tags work and when they don’t. It compares the number of tags on LibraryThing and Amazon. It appears that Library Thing has “accumulated ten times as many book tags as Amazon—13 million tags on LibraryThing to about 1.3 million on Amazon.”

The author went on with his viewpoint on how to make eCommerce tagging work by suggesting the ecommerce consider whether a non-commerce site has the data they need. He continued, “Back when LibraryThing had a million tags, Amazon could have bought our data for the price of a cup of coffee. Now, that we’re big and important and have three employees, that’ll be THREE cups of coffee, buster!”

I wonder if Phoenix Public Library has a budget of “three cups of coffee” for LibraryThing tags.


~ by Roseline on February 23, 2007.

2 Responses to “To tag or not to tag?”

  1. I hope you don’t mind if I answer your rhetorical question. (I scan Feedster for new comments about my site.)

    It wouldn’t even take that. We’re looking for forward-thinking libraries to do pilot projects with us—getting our data and features in the OPAC.

  2. Roseline, Good point. PPL doesn’t ever have three cups of coffee — even when the project is a fabulous one like this great idea. But we do seem to get things done so that leaves the door open to things like this.

    Tim, What kind of forward thinking library are you looking for? What kind of participation would you need? How would you incorporate librarything data and features in the OPAC? I’m wondering what kind of partner you are looking for. Thanks for participating and placing your comments on our local blog.

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