I love Library Elf!

I just set up my Library Elf account today and it is so easy to use that I fall in love with it immediately!

With Library Elf, you can track all the library cards you are responsible for — if your libraries are on their list.  If not, you (as a library cardholder, not the library) can request that your library be added.  The Elf sends you notices about due dates, overdue items and holds by e-mail, RSS and text messaging.  The only thing it doesn’t do and I wish it does is to catalog for me the books I have checked out as I can do with Library Thing

Currently the Arizona libraries of which patrons are able to use Library Elf servicesare Apache Junction Public Library, Casa Grande Public Library, Chandler Public Library, City of Mesa Library, Pima-Tucson Public Library, Pinal County Public Library, Glendale Public Library and Phoenix Public Library.

The Library Elf also sends with every notice I receive a suggested book.  I can choose to either buy the book or find it in a library.  After I click on the “find it in a library” link, an ISBN search then is performed in WorldCat which then displays the links to the catalog records of the libraries that have the book.

Peter Moville in his book Ambient Findability mentions that a website can do two things on its pages — it can either push or pull.  A web page that does its job will have both activities.  The Library Elf notice “pulls” me to their page with the information I need and then it “pushes” suggested books to me, promoting whatever they want me to see.  Library web pages are precious real estate like billboards.  Does your library take advantage of the web space whenever there is an opportunity like Library Elf?

~ by Roseline on February 22, 2007.

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  1. Roseline–
    I just signed up for a Library Elf account to test the Chandler Public Library connection– works great! I actually like the Library Elf display better than the library catalog’s itself. I haven’t seen any emails yet, but I just had a hold come available, so maybe I’ll get one soon. Thanks for the site reference. I’ll spread the word to my staff. –Dan

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