What would Library 3.0 be like?

I found the post in the Read/WriteWeb blog entitled “Web 3.0 = (4C + P +VS).”  In this formula, 3C=Content, Commerce and Community; 4th C = Context; P = Personalization; and VS = Vertical Search.

So I start asking myself, “What would Library 3.0 look like?”  One thing reminded me of the 4th C is SirsiDynix SchoolRooms products.  Creating web pages with library resources, geared toward the members of Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and linked from their websites, is another example.  We can also customize RSS feeds with difference kinds of library customers and different scenarios in their daily life in mind.

It occurs to me, in order for us to be 3.0, we really need to know our customers.  For example, SirsiDynix took a step to understand public library customers and came up with seven library personas; Phoenix Public Library is currently working with ASU’s business school students on a market research of the service area of the Burton Barr Central Library.

 What’s your Library 3.0 ideas?  How can technology help?  Can you see your library do anything 3.0?


~ by Roseline on February 19, 2007.

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