RSS4Lib: innovative ways libraries use RSS

While I was doing research on RSS, the topic for our nex Tech Talk meeting, I stumbled across this blog RSS4Lib: innovative ways libraries use RSS.  The author is Ken Varnum of the Ginn Library of the Fletcher School, Tuffs University.  Ken has an IT background so his blog posts probably are more suitable for techies.  Nevertheless, I found it interesting to read. 

For example, here is a post about a state legislature using wiki to build consensus around a proposed law.  This reminded me of a story about a particular library’s wiki intranet.  It was said that the most edited area on their wiki was the circulation policies and procedures section.  Hmmm, I wonder ….

Oh yeah, I was working on the Tech Talk presentation on RSS, not wiki.  Well, have to get back to my research.  See you all on the 27th.  In the meantime, have a happy President’s Day, Chinese New Year, and whatever! 


~ by Roseline on February 19, 2007.