Adapting to the Change to Virtual Community, or how a library got 54 blog comments on the new Harry Potter book that’s not even coming out for over 4 months!

I enjoy reading the comments of Jenny Levine in her blog The Shifted Librarian. Here I’ve taken her latest post completely out of context to bring you a few ideas of how libraries are creating conversations with their communities, allowing patrons to contribute their library’s local history knowledge, featuring local leaders on READ posters, creating a NetFlix style program for users who can’t or don’t have time to come in to the library, providing readers advisory services on their website and more. She highlights some of the ways that new technologies are being used right now by libraries across the country to connect libraries and communities.

A reminder about the “C’s” that Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 foster:

  • Community
  • Conversation
  • Commons
  • Collaboration

Some role models:

The glue that holds a lot of the online pieces together is blogging plus “Really Simple Syndication” (RSS). Some examples:

Three important things to discuss about your online services:

  • Community – is it just you online or are you having conversations with your users?
  • Conversations – is your website a one-way street or are you having conversations with your users online?
  • Expertise/guidance – are you providing librarian expertise on your website, or does someone have to come in the building or call/email you to get guidance from a librarian?

~ by Mary (from Phoenix Public) on February 6, 2007.