Phoenix Public Library has a blog?

Emmm … not really! It’s actually a pilot project with the Library Teen
Council at the Ironwood Branch. Carol Finch, Phoenix Public Library’s Children and Teen Services Coordinator, made this happy announcement:

“I am very happy to announce the launch of a pilot project with the Ironwood Library Teen Council. We have received permission to set up a blog hosted by the teens at Ironwood. They have designed and will post to their blog called ‘From the Ashes of the Phoenix.’ Everyone else is welcome to comment. Please encourage teens to read and comment on this blog. It can be accessed at:”

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Phoenix!


~ by Roseline on February 3, 2007.

One Response to “Phoenix Public Library has a blog?”

  1. The blog is very nice. I hope that the teen councils find it useful for getting their message out. It would be great to see a listing of teen events on the blog but do you know if they might start posting that kind of information there?

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