Library 2.0 postings for January 2007

Here are a few of the postings that we at Phoenix Public Library have been having fun exploring throughout the month of January: 


Ask your patrons: Are you on board with Web 2.0? 

Here is an interesting take on libraries reaching out to their communities about the use of technology.

The Beauford County Library has asked their patrons if they are on board with Web 2.0 technologies. It leads to a nice link to their 7 different blogs for patrons and a good summary of web 2.0 services available to book lovers on the web like

What an innovative way to offer a summary of new web services available to their patrons and spark excitement about services at the library.


The Feb. 2007 issue of Phoenix Magazine has a great article on Web 2.0 being used by people doing local history.  Pages 134-139.  This is a great article because it shows local examples of such use.


Pocasting and Teens 

Those of you in Teen Services may have seen this article about teens and podcasting from Voya 2006 (SOURCE: Voice of Youth Advocates 29 no5 402-3 D 2006). It’s available full text on WilsonWeb.

The spokesperson says “For the teens, part of the appeal of podcasting is that something they do can be available worldwide” Morgan explains. And podcasting also benefits the library: “It’s technology-oriented but it also really draws on the library’s historic role as a cultural center for music, literature, and the arts.”

That’s just where libraries should be, isn’t it? Thanks to Louis Howley for alerting me to this article last month.


Web 2.0 in Reference

For those of you in interested in reference, Cecilia Ball has shared this great column from Stephen Abram of Sirsi/Dynix. The article has a straightforward outline of a lot of definitions and links relevant to web 2.0 such wikis, blogs, tagging, etc, and how these things work in a reference setting. It might be good for staff members who want an overview of all these technologies.


Picken’s County  Library use of Flickr for historical photos 

Here’s a library that has used the photo sharing service Flickr to highlight their

historic photo collection. They have the main collection on display in the middle of

the screen (plus links to the rest of the hundreds of photos at the bottom), but also

topical categories on the right side like People, Business and industry, churches,

schools, homes, etc. Plus you can see the whole thing as a slide show. Way cool!

It’s an awesome job of sharing some cool images from their collection.



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  1. Speaking of podcasts, here is an article from the East Valley Tribune about the podcast generated by Desert Mountain High School students. Scottsdale’s Palomino Branch Library is a shared facility with this high-school:

    Podcast website:


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