What is a social OPAC? A SOPAC?

Thanks to Cecilia Ball and Anne Christensen for both sending me an alert about a public library that has started inviting their patrons to write reviews, rate books and tag them with patron-created subjects. They call it a social OPAC or a SOPAC.

It’s the innovative Ann Arbor District Library that has created these new features for their patrons. And actually it’s not limited to their library
card holders. I just wrote two book reviews Thursday night and they are already live on the AADL site. Cool! See if you can find my reviews, tags and ratings of Long Tail (Anderson) and Google Story (Vise).

Here’s a link to their website (choose catalog to use the SOPAC features).

Here’s a description about the background of it from the web developer.

I can see that this kind of feature would require staff time to set up and administer but I think patrons would love it. Give it a look when you have time and see what you think.


~ by Mary (from Phoenix Public) on January 26, 2007.