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As is often the case, the beginning of a new year means all kinds of ruminations on the past and predictions on the future.  Rummanging through my blogroll today (catching up on some feeds I’ve lagged behind on) brought forward two posts I thought would be of particular interest:

Do you have any predictions for the near future?


~ by Anali on January 24, 2007.

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  1. I always think the Internet has changed the rules of how we do business and conduct our life. Its impact ranges from commerce to entertainment, from communities to experience of the third space, from crimes to intelligence, from privacy to radical trust. The technology usually advances faster than human conditions. That our body remains in the Stone Age can cause a lot of confusion in us who live in today’s civilization.

    Same goes with social software. I know many of us public librarians are struggling with administrative rules, or even laws, that prohibit us from using IM, blogs, wikis, My Space and Flickr to connect with our users and reach out to online communities. The fact that these tools give content creators new-found power to distribute content and to communicate on the Internet, a responsibility that had been relinguished to a few people in the library because of the skills required and/or because of this convenient excuse in the past, has left us sometimes confused. “Information wants to be free,” but from what, by whom and how? I often wonder, if Library 2.0 is so wonderful, why not everyone goes 2.0?

    As for the perdiction, if I have any, it will be that a new set of rules will be established in the way we libraries do business, the same way it happened to profit-driven businesses. Our library users are getting smarter and more resourceful hence demand a higher level of services and values from libraries and we in turn will demand our service or product providers such as ILS vendors to do the same, at least I hope.

    It’s an exciting time in the library land and it’s all good!

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