Census 2020

•December 5, 2019 • Comments Off on Census 2020

On September 12th, 2019 Luis G. Cardenas Camacho, Partnership Specialist with the US Census, presented to Talk Talk. This presentation discusses why we do the census, how the 2020 Census will be conducted, the importance of the census to communities, and ways in which our libraries can get involved in ensuring we have a successful census count. He also discussed their current Census Mapping Tools and ideas for libraries to provide stations for those filling out the census form electronically.

Virtual Engagement

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On Thursday March 14th, 2019 Janene Van Leeuwen (Education and Entrepreneurship Outreach Specialist with Buckeye Public Library System) presented on the topic of Virtual Engagement at Burton Barr Central Library in Downtown Phoenix.

Digital Preservation

•March 12, 2019 • Comments Off on Digital Preservation

Thanks again to Susan Leach-Murray – the State Publications Library for the Arizona State Library – who presented a fascinating lecture on Digital Preservation as it pertains to State Publications and libraries in general. The presentation took place on December 13th, 2018.

Do You Speak IT?

•November 14, 2018 • Comments Off on Do You Speak IT?

Thank you again to Dan Messer from Maricopa County Library District for this wonderful presentation on September 13th, 2018. In case you missed it, here is the YouTube video.

Join us for next week’s Tech Talk!

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Spring is in full swing and we wanted to let you all know about the upcoming Tech Talk. First thing to note is a quick change in date. We normally meet on the third Thursday, but this time we will be meeting on the May 24th at 10AM at the MCLD Admin Offices (Address below). Our speaker will be Martha Baden from Prescott Public Library and she will be presenting on their assistive technology program called “You Too!” which uses technology to improve access for those with vision or hearing disabilities.

As always we will have a discussion afterward about the presentation and also any general tech talk!

For some background on “You Too”:


Oh and we’ll have snacks!

We hope to see you there.

Thanks for Joining Us!

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And thank you to the Maricopa County Library District for hosting and sharing their children’s tech kits at their downtown administrative offices!








Our next meeting will be the annual gadget show & tell on December 14th at the MCLD Admin offices.

See you there!

Thanks for joining us!

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Thank you for joining us for today’s Tech Talk! We had a wonderful presentation on video presented by Nife Adeyemi, of Scottsdale’s Eureka Loft.

Our next meeting will be May 25, and we will be learning about social media platforms! More to follow…

Gadget Show & Tell

•December 19, 2016 • Comments Off on Gadget Show & Tell

Thanks to all who joined us for last week’s MCLC TechTalk Gadget Show and Tell!

Our next meeting will be March 23, 2017

My First Week with a Google Pixel

•November 2, 2016 • Comments Off on My First Week with a Google Pixel

When my Galaxy Note 7 was recalled I decided to replace it with a Google Pixel. My first thought was finally a pure Android phone that is free of bloatware. Though following the note 7screenshot_20161102-123100 my initial reaction was a bit underwhelming. I decided to go with the smaller version rather than the XL. Granted the bigger screen and battery were attractive but in my hand the phone felt too cumbersome. Also, contrary to what I’d like to tell myself, cost is an option and I wanted more storage than a bigger screen.

So what do I think after a week? I love it. This phone is slick, fast, and does everything I throw at it. Google has certainly made some wise design choices with the phone and it truly is the first Android iPhone. That doesn’t mean it is a good replacement for an iPhone because, let’s face it, you either want an iPhone or you don’t. What it means is, like an iPhone, everything works the way you’d expect. The fingerprint scanner on the back makes opening your phone fast and seamless. Add in some gestures that allow you to pull down notifications and or the app drawer and you’ll wonder how you did things the old ways. Even the Google Assistant works really well for me. Contrary to initial reports you do not have to put every search query in the form of a question, just a touch of the G icon will bring up the tried and true search bar. However just picking up the phone and saying, “Okay Google, play some B.B. King from Spotify,” has its own cool vibe. Much has been said about the camera and I can say I haven’t seen better pictures from a smartphone. Battery life has been great too. After the first couple of days when you’re setting things up and loading apps you then get a feel for what the battery will do. I can turn my phone on at six in th
e morning use it for a day of social media, email, text, and a little Pokémon Go, and still shut it off at ten o’clock at night  with some 30% left on the battery. So what’s my recommendation? If you have a 2 year old phone and are ready for an upgrade you should really consider it. You can get one through Verizon or one from the Google store that will work on any carrier. You really cannot get a better Android experience on any other phone.

Next Meeting December 15th, 10am – Noon

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dscf4203Hope you enjoyed our meeting last week!

Our next meeting will be a gadget show and tell – please bring whatever interesting tech you have to share with the group. Refreshments will be provided!